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‘Mahakaran Karmacharibrinda’ news of ‘Vishwakarma Puja’ protest in unsigned statement, allegations persist

By our correspondent

Agartala, September 8, 2022

The new ‘Mahakaran Karmacharibrinda’ who started an extortion campaign to organize ‘Vishwakarma Puja’ at the expense of the drivers of vehicles, the original organizers of the annual ‘Puja’ filed a lame protest against a genuine news uploaded on this portal. The catchphrase of the protest note is that “a small interest group has presented this news in order to cast a shadow over the joyous celebration of the festival” and the protest statement expressed “the hope” that the festivity this year too will take place in suitably festive conditions.

But the unsigned protest note inadvertently conceded that ‘this puja is organized mainly by the drivers and technical employees and this has raised the legitimate question: why this year an obscure ‘Mahakaran Karmacharibrinda’ had to be formed to organize the ‘ Puja’ and why a virtual extortion campaign had to be launched, despite the denial of the matter in the contradicting letter.

Apart from this, receipts for payment of the so-called dues are signed by an assistant secretary in one place and by a section officer in others and, needless to say, these officers had never before participated in the organization of the “Puja”. Today, of course, the extortion campaign in the name of voluntary collection of subscriptions is conspicuous by its absence following the posting of information about it on this portal yesterday. Another noteworthy point is that earlier the state government banned the organization of ‘Saraswati Puja’ in the premises of the secretariat as part of secular governance.

While any religious celebration may be held by employed drivers and others beyond the official boundaries of the secretariat building where people of all faiths work, the State Secretariat, which is the nerve center of the governance and administration, should be kept away from religious holidays. , according to the opinions expressed by leading intellectuals. The protest note also unfortunately and baselessly imputed motives against the news portal, attributing the uploading of the news in this regard to a design to break the unity of the employees. For our part, we can only say that we were only motivated by concern for the secular fabric of governance and administration and we urge the new “Mahakaran Karmacharibrinda” to give up their misguided enthusiasm to impose a model exclusive to the Secretary of State. its employees and officers on a matter essentially of personal or collective faith.

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