TSP Launches “Known Issues” Page in Response to Website Update Issues


The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) has set up a “Current Known Issues” page to detail some of the most common issues faced by plan participants since the transition to the mutual fund window and the rollout of other news. features launched in early June.

A number of issues have been reported, including unusually long wait times to call TSP customer service for help with things like setting up the new My Account feature. A number of FedSmith readers have reported experiencing issues with the transition process, and a number of other reports have appeared elsewhere online, such as on social media or in discussion forums.

In response to ongoing issues and the high volume of calls to its customer support line, the TSP released the new “Current Known Issues” page this week. He said in a June 9 Tweet“ThriftLine call volume is currently very high, which means wait times are longer than normal. If you need help with the new My Account, please read the list of known issues for see if the information you need is here.

A statement on the TSP website reads, “ThriftLine call volume is currently very high, which means wait times are longer than normal. If you need help with the new My Account, please read the list of known issues to see if the information you need is here. You can also ask the virtual assistant, AVA, for answers to the most common questions. Thank you for your patience.”

A number of TSP participants said they waited for hours before finally reaching a customer service representative. Even then, they don’t always solve the problem.

TSP spokesperson Kim Weaver told the daily thread this week, “We are well aware that some people find it difficult to create a new connection, but around 85% of people who have tried to create a new account have succeeded. We see people making withdrawals, making dues. I don’t diminish the frustrations of people who have problems, because it’s frustrating. If I had been one of those people, I would be beyond irritated.

According Federal News Networkthe TSP added 185 new customer service representatives to help deal with the increased number of calls.

Current Known Issues

The new page describes some of the most common problems and possible solutions for them. As of this writing, this is a brief summary of what’s on the page. Be sure to check the TSP website for the latest information. Also note that the page states that more details on other known issues are available after logging into My Account on the TSP website.

New login for My Account feature

As part of the transition process, all TSP participants must complete a one-time process to set up a new connection for the new My Account. This has apparently been one of the biggest sources of trouble for a number of TSP participants.

According to the Current Issues page, sometimes a specific web browser can cause problems completing the setup process. It suggests trying another web browser if there is a problem. The TSP specifies:

If you’re having trouble setting up the new My Account online, try another Internet browser. Some participants reported success after switching browsers when the first browser did not work. Also, if you’re using a browser with an auto-complete tool, try disabling auto-complete before setting up your new connection.

We’re working to fix these issues to keep account setup and access simple and secure for everyone.

Managing My Account Login Information

The TSP specifies:

After setting up a new login to the new My Account, you will use the username, password, and two-factor authentication method you set up to access your account. If you need to change your password or two-factor authentication method, you can log in to the online account management portal to change these settings. Use your My Account username and password to log into this separate account management portal.

If you forgot your My Account password, you can reset your password online.

If you forgot your My Account username, check your email history from when you set up your new My Account login.

Historical account information

The TSP says historical account balances will be available from mid-June. It says: “When you log in to My Account, you can access your cumulative contributions for 2022. In mid-June, you will be able to access ending account balances for the years 2012 through 2021.”

It also indicates:

You can find account statements issued after June 1, 2022 in the participant’s secure mailbox in My Account. You will also receive your annual statement by mail. If you would like to receive all of your statements by mail, you can change your communication preferences in My Account or by calling the ThriftLine.

Your other historical documents and messages prior to June 1, 2022 were not transferred to the new My Account from the old system. If you need access to your historical account documents, you can call the ThriftLine.

What was your experience?

If you went through the process of setting up the new account on the TSP website, please feel free to share anything you learned that might be useful to others in the comments below on using the new website. of the TSP and/or the configuration of the new connection to the account.

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