Tucker Carlson’s new favorite website is 4Chan


Days after a 4chan user claimed he hacked into Hunter Biden’s iCloud backup account, Tucker Carlson took to the airwaves on Monday night to offer subtle praise to the famous online forum – which has long been breeding ground for hate speech and inspired (and lavished praise on) several mass shootings.

Lamenting the tech companies that in previous years removed content from the 2020 Hunter Biden laptop leak on the internet, Carlson informed his users that the latest leak has spread rapidly on 4chan, calling the anonymous forum “a kind of website that’s basically not very moderated, and it’s kind of the website of last resort for people who want to get information but can’t because everything is so censored at (4chan moderators eventually deleted the leaked data from Biden’s iCloud — but not before it was archived and released to torrent sites.)

While the Fox News host only briefly mentioned the existence of 4chan, calling it “a website of last resort for people who want information but can’t” is exactly the kind of whistle of right intended to funnel network viewers. in the dark depths of 4chan. With a namedrop of this magnitude, it’s only a matter of time before your baby-boomer aunt who still shares anti-Hillary Clinton memes on Facebook wanders into the shitposting cesspool that is /pol/. , the political forum of 4chan.

And exactly what kind of information flourishes on 4chan? On /pol/, users have been known to regularly spread baseless, hate-fueled misinformation – such as the recent deliberate misidentification of Uvalde’s shooter as a transgender woman. It’s also where conspiracy theories like Pizzagate and QAnon have flourished. The self-proclaimed “politically incorrect” subforum is also a hotbed of white supremacist activity and hate speech, which allegedly radicalized the shooter behind the May 2022 racially motivated mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York. Sexism and incel ideology also proliferate on the site. 4chan’s /b/ subforum, intended to house “random” images, is regularly flooded with pornographic and gory images – and, until the content was banned by 4chan moderators, child pornography was regularly posted on the site.

Carlson’s 4chan joke aired during a segment on (you guessed it) President Joe Biden’s tenuous ties to Hunter Biden’s laptop and its contents. Young Biden’s laptop has become a certain conservative firebrand in recent years — a “but his emails!” for the 2016 post-election era. Angered by the Biden administration’s apparent support for the Chinese government – he cites the federal government’s refusal to pursue Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Chinese-owned social media apps end of 2020 and a climate pledge the United States and China signed late last year — Carlson seized on Hunter Biden’s latest leak to urge viewers to seek out the new data.

“Anything that helps the Chinese government, Joe Biden dutifully did,” Carlson said. “How did the Chinese government end up with so much control over the President of the United States, over the behavior of Joe Biden? We’ve been thinking about this for over a year – and that’s why since October 2020 we’ve been on the Hunter Biden laptop story, because it seems to be the key to this question. (Carlson notes that the only other outlet to stubbornly pursue the Hunter Biden laptop story is the British tabloid The daily mail, a medium definitely noted for its stubborn pursuit of journalistic integrity and not its long history of blatantly crap. Carlson, it seems, is in good company.)

Still the accomplished journalist, however, Carlson told viewers he would not reveal the supposedly incriminating content of this latest leak. “Now is it real?” We have no reason to believe that this data is fabricated. We have not independently verified them. We don’t get some of this stuff on the air – it’s salacious,” Carlson noted, suddenly revealing that he had developed a awareness. “But, it’s pretty obvious that the materials we looked at are real.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Carlson had used his platform to subtly promote hate speech agents and push bogus ideologies in the name of “patriotism” — in fact, far from it. He is known for pushing the so-called “great replacement theory” and doubled down on his ties to racist conspiracy theory on air shortly after the Buffalo shooting. His documentary Purge of the Patriots called the Jan. 6 Capitol riot a “false flag” operation and was co-authored by someone with ties to Pizzagate. Carlson is also a favorite figure on Russian state television, and he has been filmed defending child rape.

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