Ukrainian crisis: Russia responds in writing to the American proposal


US officials have received a written response from the Russian government to the US proposal to defuse tensions on the Ukrainian border, the State Department said Monday.

Why is this important: The letter comes ahead of a Tuesday phone call between Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, as around 100,000 troops from Moscow massed on the Ukrainian border raised fears of an imminent Russian invasion.

What they say : “We can confirm that we have received a written follow-up from Russia,” a State Department spokesperson said in an emailed statement.

  • “It would be counterproductive to negotiate in public, so we will leave it up to Russia to discuss its response,” the statement continued.
  • “We remain fully committed to dialogue to resolve these issues and will continue to consult closely with our allies and partners, including Ukraine.”

The plot: It’s unclear whether Russia’s written response was delivered before or after Monday’s heated UN Security Council meeting – which saw Russian and US officials trade barbs over the Ukraine crisis.

  • Blinken said the U.S. proposal offered the Kremlin “a serious diplomatic path, should Russia choose it,” notes the washington post, who first announced the answer.

During this time, Moscow is publicly taking a pessimistic stance, with Lavrov saying last week that the Biden administration’s written responses to Russia’s security demands did not contain a “positive response” to the Kremlin’s top priority: an expansion freeze. of NATO.

To note: The State Department ordered family members of U.S. government personnel in Belarus to evacuate early Monday, citing “the unusual and concerning buildup of Russian military along the Belarus-Russian border.” Ukraine”.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated with more detail and context on the US written proposal.

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