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We are always happy to promote Ragabollyit is LiveFPL website here at Fantasy Football Scout, with its excellent array of tools and visual summaries of Fantasy Premier League (FPL) chip usage and player ownership.

A regular look at the FPL managers topping the top 10,000 and those with a strong track record has found a home on this site in recent years.

With the international break upon us and eight (or should there be seven) Gameweeks of data and rankings under our belts, it’s time to reassess how the leaders, historical top performers and managers in general are placed.


It seemed like every man and dog was playing their Wildcard last week, but in reality less than 10% of the top 10,000 – and less than 7% of managers overall – clicked “activate” for Gameweek 8.

Many of those currently in the top 10,000 won’t end up in such high positions, of course: while many FPL managers haven’t even burned a single token yet, some of the top ones have already cashed in their Wildcard, Triple Captain, Bench Boost and/or Free Hit.

In fact, only 41.1% of the current top 10k kept their powder completely dry.

Over 20% of the top 10,000 have already used at least two of their chips.



There was most definitely a Wildcard “pattern” that existed in Gameweek 8, with managers in the top 10k and the overall FPL user base sharing 13 of the most picked players.

‘Big at the back’ hasn’t gone away entirely, but Liverpool’s portrayal has evaporated in the teams above, as there’s a throwback to the good old days of a front line at three.

Reece James (£6.0 million), James Madison (£7.9 million) and Wilfried Zaha (£7.2m) were clearly medium-term investments and the favorable games of Gameweeks 9-16, but there is still a heavy reliance on Arsenal and Manchester City assets, despite their next Gameweek 12 pristine.


When it comes to managers with the best track records, there has been far more Wildcard movement: no less than 44% of those top 1,000 track records have activated it, scoring about seven points higher in Gameweek 8 than the 55, 6% without chip.

A “Wildcard” team model isn’t available for these all-time greatest players, but we can see who they prefer in general from the ownership list above.

15.7% still clung to Mohammad Salah (£12.9m), which isn’t listed above because its “beneficial ownership” didn’t exceed 10% in Gameweek 8.

Only 5.2% had a clear difference in Son Heung-min (£11.4m), meanwhile.



The table above shows how ownership of key players differs (not too drastically) based on your current rank level.

You can get more relevant chip ownership/usage stats compared to your own current overall ranking via the ‘local’ tab on LiveFPL.


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