Vince McMahon’s Favorite Wrestling Model: Big Blonde Babyface


Marilyn Monroe knew it. Rod Stewart sang about it. Madonna had a world tour centered around her. There is a huge… HUGE market all over the world for blondes and the perception that gentlemen prefer them, and they have more fun. Even in wrestling, the golden blonde locks of Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, superstar Billy Graham and many more have become a defining feature of every legend.

Related: 10 Photos of Sand Like You’ve Never Seen It BeforeVince McMahon took the aforementioned affection for blondes and turned it into his role model. Over the years, many of its top superstars have been big blonde faces in the business – be it a heel or a babyface. Although he hasn’t used the formula in a while, there are still a few guys and gals on his roster that might do the trick for future use.


Hulkamania in the wild

While McMahon wasn’t quite the sole owner of WWE in the 70s, the WWE champion at the time was superstar Billy Graham. The man has been labeled “20 years too soon”, due to his impressive physique and great chatterbox. This look helped take the Hall of Fame to the next level and provided Vince McMahon with the role model for most of his run as a promoter. The fatter they were, and pardon the pun, the bustier they were, the more Vince McMahon and the WWE machine would get behind a superstar. The formula is exactly how Vince took on the national business. Once Hogan came along, with the same build and rap as superstar Billy Graham, that was it. He named the best guy and whether you’re a Hulkamaniac or not, without his run to the top, WWE doesn’t survive in the shape it is today.

The Attitude era pushes the format

The Attitude Era featured a flirtatious former blonde when it came to Stone Cold Steve Austin. But the superstars that matched Vince’s huge blonde frame were actually Sunny and Sable. While Stone Cold garnered all manner of fans by beating his boss to death, busty blonde beauty Sable, along with Austin, helped get the WWE logo slathered on all manner of new merchandise, helping to make more plus the money and take the WWE audience. But Vince was also smart enough to extend his formula even further to names like The Rock and Humanity.

Related: The 10 Wildest Things Ever Said in the Age of AttitudeTriple H is an interesting part of this formula. He, too, had an imposing physique and blonde hair, but he did much better running the business as a heel instead of a perfectly clean baby face. Speaking of Sable, in 2002 an even taller, blonder star debuted and eventually the two got married! Ever since The Beast returned from his UFC sabbatical, he’s been on top of the mountain every time he’s come down from his Saskatchewan farm.

Could a big blonde star be in WWE’s future?

Tall, busty blondes with barrel chests and huge arms might be Vince McMahon’s go-to look, but it’s not foolproof either. The Lex Express anyone? …(crickets)… Not only did Lex Luger arrive at the right time, but WWE literally tried to recreate the formula of the all-American muscular blonde babyface who aimed for the alien heel and won the WWE Title. But as great as Lex was, he wasn’t Hogan or a top guy and the Lex Express came to a screeching halt. Billy Gunn was another badass who might also have been groomed to be a top guy. But after an inadvertent funeral promo from The Rock followed by a terrible match with The Great One spelled the end of The One’s push. Currently, there are a few stars on the rosters who might fit this bill somewhat, even if they’re under 6ft 5in and totally blonde, and he’s currently the hottest star on the company, thanks to a memorable return to WrestleMania 38 – Cody Rhodes.

No, the whole point of this article wasn’t to push Cody once again to dethrone Roman. But in the realm of blondes currently running around WWE — Riddle, Edge, Ripley, Dana Brook, Alexa Bliss and several others — Cody is the closest thing to McMahon’s former role model.

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There’s always a chance that Vince McMahon has outgrown that mindset. After all, it’s been years since no one has been the best and matches every part of that model. But it wouldn’t be too hard to get back to it either.

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