Want to scan a document? Try this free Notes app built into your iPhone and iPad


Almost 10 months after the coronavirus pandemic disrupted daily life and work, one thing is clear: we are more dependent on technology, especially smartphones. From attending a meeting on Zoom to buying groceries online, phones help us do our daily work. Besides being a reliable source for our daily tasks, the phone can also be the most useful productivity tool. Take the case of using the iPhone to scan documents, a feature you might have overlooked. But do not worry ! Scanning a document using the Notes app built into iPhone is very user-friendly. No need to download third-party document scanning apps. It’s the Notes app you just need… and of course the iPhone or iPad.

Here’s how to scan documents with iPhone’s Notes app.

How to scan a document on iPhone and iPad

For some reason, the Notes app is a better way to scan a document. Of course, third-party document scanning apps come with more features, but they can’t beat the simplicity of the Notes app. In seconds, you can scan documents, convert them to PDFs, and share them by mail.

1.) To start, open Remarks on your iPhone or iPad. Just make sure the app is updated.

2.) Create a new note or open an existing note to add a document by clicking the small icon on the at the bottom right of the device.

3.) The next step is to open the camera button at the bottom of the screen.

4.) Select “Scan Documents” when the menu appears.

5.) Now hold your iPhone in front of the document you want to scan.

6) Press the trigger.

7) If the scanner is in automatic mode, the application automatically detects the documents and captures the scan. You can always deactivate “automatic” mode and switch it to manual mode.

8) When you are done scanning the document, adjust the scan and slide the corners of the page.

9) Press “Save” when you have finished scanning the document.

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The good thing about the Notes app is that it offers a number of editing options. When you are done scanning the document, crop it, rotate the document, add additional pages to the scan, or change the color. When the scanned document is ready, simply convert it to PDF. You can also add a signature or enter text, if you want.

Apple’s document scanner comes in handy at a time when most people are working from home. With very few people having access to a traditional desktop scanner at home, the iPhone’s ability to scan a document in seconds is what you need. The next time someone asks you for a scanned document, you’ll know what to do. Take out your iPhone and scan documents with little effort.

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