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Check what is the correct structure for writing a thesis?

Writing a dissertation is quite an important step in your training. It means a lot, so it has a lot of requirements. Usually, this type of academic work is created to reflect your in-depth skills in your field of education, your ability to research and draw conclusions. The thesis is the final work of the doctorate. To complete candidates before graduation or doctorate. It is therefore like a presentation of your knowledge, skills and abilities in a chosen discipline. The structure of the thesis is a fundamental plan of any work. It has many parts which are also divided into paragraphs. By comparing the essay or the average research, the structure of the thesis is more complex.

And the main difficulty is not in the set of rules, but in the structure of this article. It should be divided into specific headings, subheadings and paragraphs. What about personal opinions? Yes, the thesis must be original research with unique ideas and is generally structured according to specific fields and disciplines. Why is the thesis breakdown structure so important? On the one hand, it is essential to organize your work and show all your skills and ideas. The student will remember to include a thought in a document when developing an appropriate plan and taking notes. On the other hand, the structure makes it possible to improve the writing process and meet all the requirements.

Here is the Steps to Right structure for writing the thesis

Page title

The cover page should contain introductory information about the subject and the person, such as thesis title, name, department, institution, study program, date of presentation, number d registration, the name of the thesis director and the logo of the university. Colleges often have strict formats for the cover.

Thank you

This section is reserved for acknowledging the support of teachers and friends during the implementation of the project.


A summary of the whole topic is usually written at the end to provide an overview from start to finish. The aim of the summary is to encourage the reader to continue studying the subject dealt with in the thesis.


A list of all captions and their respective page numbers should be included in the table of contents.

List of Figures

A numbered list of figures or tables used is essential for breaking down the graphic content of the thesis. This can be done automatically using the “Insert Label” function in MS Word.

Abreviations list

When using languages ​​other than English, an alphabetical list of abbreviations is required.


This section is a more detailed version of the previous section (list of abbreviations) and can be used in case you need to explain many unfamiliar terms or topics.


The introduction sets the tone for the thesis and gives the reader an idea of ​​what to expect. The introduction must imperatively name the chosen subject and its context, specify the specific scope of the research carried out and establish a social reference or the need for research on the chosen subject.

The research question is the most integral part of the thesis and constitutes the backbone of the structuring of the report. The question should be clarified in the introduction with the objectives to be covered.

Literature review

The first type of research that is done at the start of any type of thesis is a literature review of existing articles that have already covered the topic. The survey should be an analysis of the existing piece in terms of the comparisons that can be made to make a concrete argument, raise uncovered points, and build on existing data.


This section describes how the survey is conducted. It describes where, when and how the data was collected to assess its validity, the subject matter, the methods of analysis of the data collected, the different software used, a detailed examination of the processes and obstacles involved and, finally, a rationale for the data collected. data Data.

The Methodology section is the most important part of any thesis and should be a detailed description of all the steps and procedures used throughout the investigation. This section should also provide a convincing argument to convince the reader that the methods used to conduct the research provide the best possible answer to the research questions.


On the basis of the research carried out and the methods implemented, the results obtained should be indicated in this section in the most precise and defined manner. Providing conclusive statistics on how the hypothesis is supported by tables and figures can be an effective way to approach this section. The results must be concrete evidence and must not be open to speculation.


The prerogative of this section is to question the results obtained in an exploratory glance to find out whether they effectively answer the research questions and fit into the framework of the thesis as a whole. This section should also raise additional questions about the implications of the findings and their implications. You should also recognize the gaps in the research being conducted.


The conclusion should and should answer the research question directly. Therefore, the reader should have a conclusive understanding of the research being done. It should contain the general conclusion, which is then explained in parts which interpret its meaning. The final statement aims to make it clear to the reader why this thesis is important and should shed light on the additional information gathered.

Reference list

The list of references should contain the sources of all citations. It is necessary to follow a consistent citation style, with the Harvard citation style being the most widely used for academic articles.

Final words: what is the correct structure for writing a thesis?

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