Which keeps me hooked on Mem.ai. why applying other notes never became my… | by Kaushik Trivedi | May 2022


I tried to hold off before committing 100% to an app for my note-taking needs.

why is that? My reason:

putting your hard-earned notes into one system is as good as investing in stocks, so study well before investing as it will be your long-term investment. Sometimes the first features and commitment may not last long and you end up losing your ‘stocks of notes, ideas’

but I was completely wrong with Mem.ai

Mem.ai has changed the way I take notes and I can only promise the same experience once you try it for yourself.

allow me to return to my subject?

what is the easiest reason to go ahead with Mem.ai

I don’t have to think at all while taking note of where my note is. No user organization required.

Mem.ai has completely removed the need to organize your notes and manage your files.


I’m a big fan of the timeline and the inbox concept and Mem.ai has both at my fingertips.

Whenever an idea pops into my mind, I just note in the timeline maybe with a link or an image of a pure note, multiple times with the #idea tag

In the case of work related notes like knowledge bank related notes or person related notes like “Kaushik”, they live inside the associated Mems.

Using Timeline, Tags, and Notes Links – Mem.ai really delivered on its tagline:

Say goodbye to folders

An example — Image by the author

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