Why does Chandigarh Uni Alumni Association website have an Edexlive


The official website of the Alumni Association of the University of Chandigarh (alumni.cuchd.in) created an uproar. The map on the website, which shows where the various alumni of the university are located around the world, appears to be distorted. What’s different, you ask? The area of ​​Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) is not visible there.

The Chandigarh University Alumni Association drew attention to this map. Various sections of people even took to Twitter to express their anger. From a now inactive account named root3vil (@NipunSomani), who, according to his Twitter bio, was a cybersecurity student, wrote: “Hey @Chandigarh_uni, don’t you consider POK part of the India ?” and the post was followed by the wrong card.

Another post from Vinayak (@vinayak_jain), who is a writer and educator, reads: “@Chandigarh_uni, what insidious ideas are you playing?” commenting on this question. ” Hello ? @Chandigarh_uni who drew the map, Pakistan? Take note: @DgpChdPolice” is another tweet, this one from Harshitha (@harshithavk_).

Meanwhile, some have come to the defense of the Chandigarh University Alumni Association stating that the map was put on the website from other external sources and it was not designed by the association. Some think it could have been added from Wikipedia.

“Actually they use Open Street Map instead of Google Map. Open Street Map is a free map service from @Wikipedia And the people sitting on wikipedia are funded by the left, it’s well known to all,” reads one Tweet by Maha Rudraya (@maha_rudraya). It can be noted that Wikipedia had previously been criticized for distorting the map of India on the PoK zone.

Drawing a conclusion to the whole card controversy on the university’s alumni association website, a tweet from Major Vijay Bhosale (@majorbhosalev) reads: “Anyway; a mistake or any mistake or wrongdoing should be eliminated as soon as possible and seriously, by Chandigarh Uni, via viral message. The correct card should also be released. I hope the people of the university are responsible, careful, patriotic and supporters of the Indian nation.

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