Will the Miami Dolphins follow the Rams model for the draft?


The Miami Dolphins are following the Rams’ template for drafting when it comes to this season.

The question is, is it a unique piece? Or will they continue on this path?

In case you haven’t noticed, the Rams just won the Super Bowl last season, and their approach to the draft was pretty minimalist.

A colorful exchange was brought by their general manager Les Snead, who said “f*** those picks” it was even printed on t-shirts. He went on to say that they would continue to do so in order to win more super bowls.

The NFL league can tend to be copycats for some things, and this might be one, at least for the Miami Dolphins so far.

Thinking about the current situation and when it’s unfolding, there’s a good timeline to move forward. The Miami Dolphins are coming out of a total dismantling and rebuilding the team from the ground up with younger players, many of whom were undrafted at the start, now is the time to add some veteran players.

The Dolphins appeared to hit the top three draft picks that were higher in last season’s draft, and now it’s time to see if they can do it in the lower rounds. It will be interesting in this upcoming draft to get a glimpse of what the Rams are up to and see if they picked their picks as well.

One thing I’ve noticed over the past few years is the way the running back position has been drafted, many have rebelled against the fact that they weren’t inferior picks. First they got picked in the third round, then they started getting picked in the fifth round, and now they’re picked in the 7th round. This is not an attempt to agitate those who want them to be picked lower, they find talent in later rounds.

Just look at the Miami Dolphins’ 7th round pick, running back Myles Gaskin. There’s also Jared Dokes, a running back who was also picked in the 7th round and is waiting in the wings. Regarding this aspect, they already have a working model in place to build on.

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