Woman hangs herself writing ‘Going to the gym was my biggest mistake’ in suicide note


Agra: A 27-year-old woman, Kirti, killed herself on Monday afternoon after being stalked by the brother of a gym operator in Agra. It is said that the young woman committed suicide by hanging herself in the house in the Mustafa district of Sadar. In this case, the family says the girl left a suicide note. In that memo, the gym operator’s brother was blamed for the death. In fact, he cheated on her lovingly and mentally exploited her. Troubled by this incident, she committed suicide. A case was registered and the accused was taken into custody. It is said that the young man, a resident of Sadar, informed the police that he was working in Delhi.

On Monday he had gone to Sikandra and the younger sister was alone in the house. When he got home at 2 p.m., the sister was hanging on to a noose made from a dupatta. Seeing this, he took the sister to a nearby hospital, where the doctor pronounced her dead. After that, a suicide note was found in the house, in which the sister blamed Ankit Sharma, the gym operator’s brother, for her death. After being informed of the incident, police said the body had been sent for an autopsy. Police said the accused Ankit was in custody and action would be taken based on the evidence. The handwriting of the suicide note will be sent to the Forensic Science Lab for correspondence.

The deceased woman’s brother said she came to Agra and started going to the Company Bagh gymnasium. During this time he encountered Ankit Sharma who trapped her in his trap. The gym operator’s brother, Ankit, is a coach at the gym, and the two brothers run the gym together. The young woman wrote in the suicide note: “Forgive me, mom, now I don’t want to live anymore. The biggest mistake of my life was going to the gym. I didn’t know how people were outside. I fell in love with Ankit Sharma. I didn’t like him at first. He got my number. He sent me a message. We started talking in the morning and in the evening. Gradually fell in love. The defendant forced a relationship, and I agreed. But there was already a girl in his life. Ankit cheated on me but reacted like it was all my fault. I try to forget everything and move on, but I can’t. He ruined my life. I can’t live without him. I can’t marry anyone else. He is happy in his life ruining my life. Now I kill myself. Ankit Sharma is responsible for it.

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