Write reminders yourself? Tampa app developers say it takes ‘Two’ to make something right


A pair of Tampa-based tech entrepreneurs built a growing startup from a shared vision to build “the best place to write things.”

Launched in 2021, the Twos app has seen a user growth rate of 1,200% this year and recently received a $1.4 million investment from startup investment fund TampaBay.Ventures. The “Twos guys,” co-founders Parker Klein, a former Google engineer and tech guru behind the idea for the app, and Joe Steilberg, who handles marketing and sales , met and became friends at a tech startup in Austin, Texas. They shared the practice of writing things down – reminders, to-do lists, goals – and decided to develop an app to capture and organize the information people need in their daily lives in an easy-to-use format. .

Klein says years ago, during an internship, a boss asked her to write down her job responsibilities and accomplishments for reference in future job interviews.

“I really took that to heart and started doing it,” he recalls. “It went beyond what I was doing at work. It was really my job, how I felt, the things I did on a daily basis. I just found a lot of value in capturing stuff and writing stuff down. Eventually it came to a product that would allow people to capture anything privately, but be able to share those things to connect with other people. It was the original idea. Now we’ve basically simplified it for capturing and organizing things in your daily life. But, we will soon have more collaboration and connection.

Steilberg has Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and says that, on the advice of his father after graduating from college, he got into the habit of writing down things he needed to remember.

“I’ve struggled with ADHD most of my life, so I called it out pointing out that life happens to you pretty soon after college,” he says. “From then on, I bought red and black notebooks and saw the benefits of being able to put my thoughts on one page. My thoughts, my tasks, my reminders, people’s names.”

Twos app users can create and organize work and personal to-do lists, set reminders and notifications, add events to calendars and planners, and write notes about their activities on a specific day. Users can also write down details they might otherwise forget, such as a friend’s spouse’s name, in an easily searchable format.

Steilberg says two features stand out to many current users: an auto-sensing capability that asks them if they’d like to be reminded for things on a to-do list, and an “automatic deferral” of any unfinished task to a to-do. TO DO. listing. If you don’t check an item, it will automatically reappear the next time you open the app.

Currently, Twos has around 13,000 users. Klein and Steilberg are focused on reviving the social side of the “Twos World” app, as a place where users can see what their connections and people in the app have shared and share their own things, such as recipes, travel itineraries, top 10 lists and recommendations.

Klein says they think the private and public features set the app apart.

“We really feel like we’re onto something huge here,” he says. “We believe we are doing something that no other platform has done with this private and social capability. Much is ready, we are just spreading the word. A lot of the (investment) money will go to marketing and brand building.

The two sides of the app – part public, part private – are the original inspiration for the Twos name. But Steilberg and Klein enjoyed creating an ever-evolving marketing game out of the moniker they chose.

The app’s social feature includes a peace sign similar to Facebook’s thumbs-up icon for liking a post. They worked to rebrand the peace sign as “toss two” or “two”. Besides describing themselves as “the Twos guys” behind the app, they say their goal is to take the “Twos the moon” business and describe every day as a “Twos day”, or a good day for write things down.

During their entrepreneurial journey, Klein and Steilberg have enjoyed significant support from Tampa Bay’s tech ecosystem. They originally worked for Embarc Collective. They were part of Tampa Bay Wave’s CORE program, which provides tech startups with ongoing mentorship, peer support and access to investors. Today, Twos is located at the John P. Lowth Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Tampa Sykes College of Business. There, they have dedicated office space and access to regular programming on entrepreneurship-related issues like marketing, sales, and finance.

Steilberg says the relationship with UT gives them access to talent and students who are a target demographic for their application. He says the app also resonates with users who have ADHD or obsessive-compulsive disorder and who may have cognitive impairments. He talks about his own experience.

“Concentration is always a constant burden when it comes to ADHD,” says Steilberg. “So putting a mental focus on something you need to do by writing it down is a drastic improvement over trying to keep everything in mind and organize it throughout the day. “is also quick capture. Paper was my main tool because it was the fastest way to write something. Anyone who has ADHD, I think they can relate. As soon as you have an idea is like a burning sensation in your mind until you are able to tell someone about it or somehow capture it. to date. And so we’re building Twos on three core virtues: speed, ease, and organization. This has actually resonated very well with people who have cognitive impairments ranging from ADHD, OCD, and even depression. It seems to resonate with people who just need a very quick place to get things out of the way mind in a minimalist and organized way.

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