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PUNE: From practicing handwriting to solving past questions, to how to keep a calm mind while responding to a healthy and fit body to attempt the exam, schools and parents are sparing no effort to prepare students for board examinations.
Teachers said the two years of online teaching had reduced students’ writing habit, so getting them back to the exam regime was their priority. At home, parents do their best to make sure their children are in the right frame of mind to take the exam.
Headmaster of MS Golwalkar School, Leena Talathi said: “Our school is operating offline after notification from the government. We completed our program in December and then began our preliminary exams. We took five sets of each subject, which gave the students enough writing practice.
The school completed all internal assessment work, for which students came to school in batches. “Students are now sure that they can complete their assignments on time. We took nearly 70% of the workouts. Now, the practical exams are next week followed by the oral language subjects. The students are well prepared now,” Talathi added.
Many students found it difficult to write due to online education and it was the biggest challenge for teachers and students to speed up writing. The Board also extended the deadline to complete the document for this year only.
Ankur Ughade, a student at SSC, said, “The MCQ exam pattern over the past two years really made us lazy and we literally stopped writing. Last year I barely wrote anything, but this year I made it a point to write my notes every day. But, many of my classmates are still struggling despite the exam coming up next week. The school also makes efforts to give us writing exercises.
Parents ensure that their children do not go out unnecessarily and eat healthy so that there are no complications during the examination. Vaishali Bhide, mother of an HSC student, said, “These are very crucial days before the exam for my son. Covid-19 cases have surely gone down but the pandemic is not over so we still have to be very careful.
Except for school, I make sure my son doesn’t go to other crowded places. Safety practices are always followed very sensibly by all of us at home. I also try to give him plenty of fluids, healthy foods, and fresh foods to keep him healthy.
Preeti Hazare, another parent of an SSC pupil, said: ‘We need to put the health of our children as top priority and with my eldest daughter giving her board exams which will be offline, we are taking additional precautions. The vaccine injections are over and the focus is now on the examination.
We try to keep the atmosphere at home as light as possible as the student community has had to come under a lot of pressure over the past two years. We’re taking it easy and I told my daughter to do her best and not worry about the grades.

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