You can now donate a Starlink dish through SpaceX’s new website


You can now fund a Starlink dish for a charitable cause via a new “Starlink Donation” website(Opens in a new window) from SpaceX.

The company quietly released the site weeks after SpaceX CEO Elon Musk floated the idea of ​​adding a “donation” option to the main Starlink service, which can provide high-speed satellite internet access to rural and remote areas.

The new website states, “The Starlink team receives continuous requests to provide connectivity to communities around the world. Your donation will be applied to areas of greatest need in education, telehealth, emergency response, and humanitarian efforts, as determined by the Starlink team.


The website also notes SpaceX’s efforts to support humanitarian efforts with Starlink, including bringing satellite internet service to Ukraine.

Users can choose to donate to four charitable causes including education, telehealth, emergency response, humanitarian efforts, or let SpaceX choose the cause for them. They can then choose to donate a single Starlink Dish, which costs $599, and fund the annual internet subscription for a total of $1,919 for an entire year of service. Users can also choose to donate two or three years of Starlink service.

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However, the site refrains from saying which organizations or countries your donation will go to. So there is no direct option to send a dish to Ukraine, which relies on Starlink to provide internet to the war-torn country, or Iran, where the government has blocked internet access to quell protests. local.

Company FAQs(Opens in a new window) for the donation site also notes, “At Starlink’s discretion, the team may allocate your contribution to one of the other categories listed based on factors such as need or volume.” Starlink may also use your donation to expand or continue services for needy communities or organizations that already use Starlink.

Thus, the donation site also returns to SpaceX to set up a charitable fund to distribute Starlink dishes. The FAQ adds, “Starlink will provide an annual summary of how donations have been used to connect communities and organizations around the world.”

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For users who wish to donate a Starlink dish to a specific cause, the site recommends placing an order on behalf of the organization through Starlink RV, a dish that can be used in multiple locations without geographical restrictions in the countries taken. in charge.



The donation site comes after SpaceX told the Pentagon it could no longer fund Starlink access in Ukraine without potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in additional funding.

SpaceX later claimed it had backtracked on its funding request, but concerns persist over the company’s removal of Starlink access to Ukraine amid reports of outages. According(Opens in a new window) to CNN, negotiations between SpaceX and the US Department of Defense continue to secure the funding.

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