Your Notes app could reveal all your secrets


When asked what your favorite app is, you probably aren’t going to name a Notes app. Be honest with yourself, though: your note-taking app is the app that’s always there for you, whether you’re making a shopping list, you’re a celebrity who needs to apologize, or you have changed jobs. computer password for the zillionth time and you need a convenient place to store it. He’s your secret best friend, but your notes app might reveal all your secrets.

Notes apps are generally unencrypted, a fact that surprised nearly 60% of DuckDuckGo people on the subject. Almost half said they used their notes app to save usernames, passwords, social security numbers, credit card information, and security codes or PINs. Keeping this information in a notes app makes it vulnerable to anyone with physical access to your phone and to hackers accessing a network you are on or siphoning your data using a charging station. public.

So, while a notes app might be your choice, consider using it only for data that isn’t sensitive (it’s up to you if that includes your breakout poems). To secure your passwords, use a password manager such as Dashlane or Keeper. And for notes that need to be kept secure, choose an encrypted notes app like Standard Notes.

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